My new passion:

Hello, everyone , hope all is well in your lives, I have kind of been in a reading slump, something that has never really happened to me! I have been listening to audio books in the car,and I will try to get some reviews posted. 

But I have discovered adult coloring and I admit that I am obsessed, I do find that coloring is very relaxing and does help me de-stress. Which is something I truly need. So I’m going to try and post a few coloring book hauls, let me know what you think…I am loving them all. 

Jury Duty

Hello everyone, I won’t be posting reviews this week, jury duty and working overtime. I am reading “The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah and I am loving it..



I hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start. I have been super busy, getting all my Christmas decorations down, which is a big job, working, and family stuff.  I will be posting some reviews soon, I really haven’t been reading much this month, but I have been listening to books on tape.

I have discovered adult coloring, which I have been doing a lot of , it is calming me

down from the stresses of work and life. So in the near future I am going to be sharing

some of the highlights. So thank you for hanging around with me.




Merry Christmas …

My husband and I went to see Fiona,she has brought so much joy to everyone. I was beyond excited to see her and her mom, she is an amazing girl🤗🤗🤗

I hope you all have a great day with family, friends, your family of animals….enjoy life!

I will be posting some book reviews after the first of the year, so look for those. In the mean time ,laugh a little, smile a little and love a lot ❤️❤️❤️❤️