Review for “Watching Edie”

51ZzBUSnHOL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_       This is my review for “Watching Edie, let me know what you think.

Thanks to NETGALLY and BERKLEY PUBLISHING for the chance to read “Watching Edie” and
give an honest review.
This was a fantastic read, a true psychological thriller, not scary, but nail biting to say the least.
The author did a great job introducing you to the characters, I loved the before and after concept.
This is about two misfit teenage girls, both girls grew up in completely different homes, Edie’s father left when she was young and her mother is very self absorbed, and not there for Edie. Heather’s
parents, although they profess a religious way of life, her mother is very accusing, controlling and
very unforgiving, her father spends most of his time reading and in denial.
The two girls meet when Edie moves to town and starts school where Heather is an overweight
teenager, made fun of, teased, she has no friends, her and Edie seem to click. There are many ups and downs for these two girls, Edie meets a boy and things begin to change for the girls. Something
catastrophe happens to one of the girls. This separate’s the girls forever they think.
The story begins with both Edie and Heather as grown women, Edie is alone and pregnant, Edie just appears out of nowhere. The author does a great job telling these twos girls stories, before and after, you hear Edie’s story and Heather’s story. The thing about this novel is one minute you are on Edie’s side and feel angry at Heather, then you are on Heather’s side and angry at Edie. You will be shocked at the entire story.
This novel shows two teenage girls that are both looking for love, friendship, support, acceptance for any and everything they do. Then you have two grown woman, one about to have a baby, and one who is trying to understand why her life turned out the way it did, trying to understand why her best friend did what she did. There are many twists and turns, you will feel compassion, then you find yourself not liking either girl, then you are so sad, then you loathe them, then in the end you completely understand what happened.
Its a great read, it has it all, friendship, mystery, violence, suspense, revenge, and redemption.

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05/18 page 280 92.0%
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