Review: Burying The Honeysuckle Girls


This is my review for “Burying The Honeysuckle Girls”  , you will love this novel.
Thanks to NETGALLEY an LAKE UNION PUBLISHING for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
I loved every page of this novel, the authors writing style, she drew me right in, into all four of these woman and there stories, Jinn, Collie, Trix and Althea. I wanted to be right there with them. She went from the present to the past, with absolutely no confusion for the reader.
The past is Jinn telling her story, the present is Althea’s story, fresh out of rehab, coming home to find things are not right with her father, her brother, Wynn and his wife, Molly.
Althea is turning thirty and needs to discover the truth of what happened to her mother, (also at the age of thirty) she only has a cigar box with some mementos of the past. Althea is in fear that her life will end the same as the woman in her past. This
takes her many places, she finds out many disturbing facts about her family. Along the way she discovers many things about herself.
This is a true southern novel, it has family drama, mystery, family secrets, a little bit of magic, there is forgiveness, hope, joy, redemption, new beginnings and most of all love!
This was a fantastic read, I enjoyed every single word and wished that it had never ended, I wanted to read more and more about these wonderful women. This novel is full of southern charm


Dark Crimes:


Here’s my review for “Dark Crimes”…..This is the first in a new series, the detective being a woman, named Sophie Allen. She is a very involved parent and has a supportive family.
The novel is very well written, starting with the murder of a young women, this is a very
complex mystery that continues to surprise and satisfy you as you continue reading. I enjoyed getting to know the characters, they are  all very likeable.
This is also  great lead in to the next book in the series, I feel that as this writer continues to
write, his writing style will get better and better.
This novel has family, friendship, suspense, mystery, and a great female role.