Thanks to NETGALLEY and RANDOM HOUSE for the opportunity to read and give an honest
Written by: Sarah T. Hobart, A Home Sweet Home Mystery.
This is a great cozy mystery, I gave it three stars, I did feel the story dragged in some parts, I still
enjoyed the mystery surrounding 13 Aster Lane.
Sam Turner is the main character, she is a single mom to Max, she’s new to selling real
estate. Sam gets what she believes is going to jump start her entire career, give her the money
she needs to purchase a home for her and Max. However, due to some unforeseen incidents in her
new House For Sale, Sam stumbles onto more than she bargained for. It seems the old
Victorian House at 13 Aster Lane is haunted. There are numerous mishaps that happen to Sam,
but she jumps right in, she’s brave, she’s noisy, she’s curious, she never gives up. She’s also an
accident waiting to happen.
This novel is full of quirky characters, a great mystery , many lovable neighbors and many unlovable , loads of mishaps and mayhem. You will find yourself rooting for Sam and wanting things to work out for her and her son Max.



I have been out of commission for a week, I apologize, I am going to try and blog every Saturday, so I may be posting one or two reviews. Thanks for being patient , while I am learning this process.


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