Flight Patterns by Karen White


Thanks to GOODREADS for the chance to read and review: Flight Patterns by Karen White.

I am giving 5 stars to this novel, I am a huge fan of Karen White’s novel, she is one of my favorite southern writers. I love her writing style, her character development is outstanding. The setting for  her novels are always spot on.
This is about a family full of secrets. This is the story of Birdie, and her two daughters, Georgia and Maisy and Maisy’s daughter, Becky. I loved all these characters, Georgia is so protective of herself, Maisy is full of love and rage, Birdie is full of secrets that she cannot remember, and Becky is the connection they all need to heal.
There is a mystery surrounding this entire family, with ties to long ago war time. Georgia is hired by James to find out about a rare china pattern, that she is sure she has seen in her mother’s things. She heads back to her home town, a place she has not been back to for 13 years. Things are very complicated.
I enjoyed all the history, also the information about bee keeping. I enjoyed getting to know each and every character in this novel.
There is everything in this novel, mystery, family drama, southern charm, tender, secrets, homicide, protection, forgiveness, a great love story, new beginnings and new love.
Thank you GOODREADS and PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE for this wonderful novel. I loved every minute of it.


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