Desolate by A.M. Guilliams:

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  Thank you to author for sending me this novel to read and review.
   What a great story! I loved the characters, I loved the premise of the entire novel. The writing
was good. Imagine as a young girl visiting a fortune teller and she tells your best friend that she will not love long, and tells you that everyone you love will be gone, that you will live your life alone.
Magdalena has lived her life in fear that is true, she’s lost many loved ones. But relaxes a little and
then something horrible happens. I felt so sad for her, I could not imagine going through what
she did. How would you survive?
She decides to move back to her grandparents home and fix it up, she slowly begins to live again,
she makes a few new friends, get herself a horse and begins to heal.
This novel was a great surprise, I never expected the ending at all, it was fantastic! If you love family drama, pain, friendship, new beginnings, and a shocking end, you will love this novel.

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