All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda:

51U2LbgQ74L._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_    Thanks to NETGALLEY and SIMON AND SCHUSTER for the chance to read and give an honest
review. Thanks to MEGAN MIRANDA for such a great novel.
WOW! What a fantastic read. It reads in reverse, Day 15 down to Day 1. I will admit I wasn’t sure if I would like reading the story in reverse, but the author made it happen. The authors writing style
is good, she gives enough information to get you hooked, I like how she introduced the characters,
she made me understand them. She drew me right into the story and into this family.
This novel is full of twist and turns, there is a great mixture of people, Nicolette, Everett, Daniel,
Tyler, Jackson, two missing girls, years apart, Corinne and Annaleise.
This is a true psychological thriller, the characters are family oriented, they are also a family
full of secrets. This novel is all about getting to the secret. The way the author takes you on this
ride is by introducing this family, going back to the scenes of the crimes, explaining everything that
lead up to final reveal. It was perfect. I fell in love with this family, they protected each other till the
This novel is well written, character driven, suspenseful, family drama, family loyalties, mystery,
secrets, forgiveness, a touch of romance, and a great ending.


Let me know what you think?


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