Review for: Don’t You Cry…

51fOmbzijwL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_      Thanks to GOODREADS and Mary Kubica for a fantastic read.

I love this writers writing style, she starts a story and you are hooked right away. You want to
know what happens to the people in the story, even the ones you are not crazy about.
This is true suspense, there are few characters, so the author allows you to get into each characters
head. The story centers around Quinn, Alex and Esther. There are parents, work friends, these are all
secondary, but they all add something to the story.
Quinn and Esther are roommates, Quinn has a huge crush on Ben, she’s a free spirt. Esther is
so caring, sweet, takes care of everything. Then something happens, and this is the beginning of a
great journey, Quinn has to find answers, her search leads her on many winding roads, and the story is an awesome one.
This novel has multiple stories intertwined into one, everything is relative. This novel has it all,
family drama, huge secrets, strong friendships, betrayal, suspense, and a perfect ending.
The one question I have after reading this novel is a question I think everyone has wondered about one time or the other in there life and that question is: Are people born evil?

Great novel , thank you GOODREADS!

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