In Twenty Years:

51vBV+9-8+L._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Thanks to NETGALLEY and LAKE UNION PUBLISHING for the chance to read and give an honest review.
I have read and enjoyed the authors other novels, so I was glad to receive this one. I like her writing style, she has each character telling their story, the past and the present.
This is the story of six college friends, Penn State, they promise to stay in touch after
graduation, but life sends them each on their own path. They all attend Catherine and Owen’s wedding, however something happens and they lose touch. They all have some type of dysfunction, which is the way everyone’s life is.
Then they all receive letters from Bea’s attorney, they are all to meet at the house they shared in college. There are stories to tell, secrets to reveal.
This is a great beach read, a complex story with relatable characters, the ending was somewhat of
a surprise.
If you liked the authors other novel’s , you will like this one. There is friendship, illness, college fun, secrets, love, family, and forgiveness.

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