The Things We Knew:

519k+FIn0pL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Thanks to NETGALLEY for the chance to she and give an honest review.

This is my first Catherine West novel, I liked her writing style, she told most of the story
from Lynette’s point of view. Lynette’s mother had passed away twelve years before the story began.
After the mother’s death, the family sort of fell apart, each sibling moving away, leaving Lynette
there in the Nantucket home with their father.
Things begin to fall apart for Lynette, her father’s health is failing, she is out of money, she works in a day care and sells some of her painting’s. Lynette is feeling desperate, she has to try and figure
out how to get money, she tries the bank and runs into her crush, Nick, who was her brother’s best
friend, the friendship ended when she was younger, Lynette doesn’t remember what happened the day her mother passed away, Lynette begins to have nightmares. She contacts all the siblings to come home and try to find a solution.
The story goes from there, you meet all the siblings, you begin to care for them, each one is going
their own problems, and feel they should sell the house and put the father in a home this is not what Lynette wants to happen.
The ending ties it all together, what happened with the mom, Lynette’s nightmare’s, what happened between Nick and her brother Gray.
This novel is full of family drama, love, many secrets, forgiveness, but most of new beginnings.

Thank you NETGALLEY! (less)

Let me know what you think!

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