Liar’s Key ….

51dCoVHmzoL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Thank you to EDELWEISS for the chance to read and give an honest review.
I have read many Carla Neggers novels and enjoyed them. This is part of a series, A Sharpe &
Donovan novel, Emma and Colin are FBI agents, that met while investigating the murder of a sister
in Emma’s convent. They fall in love and begin a relationship, Emma leaves the convent and begins
working for the FBI. Emma is a Sharpe, her grandfather being an art detective.
I struggled with the beginning of the book, the story seemed slow to me, and I felt that it took
a long time to get to the mystery. Once I reached that part, the story seemed to flow. It was a true
whodunit. It was all tied up in the end.
I liked most of the characters, I really enjoyed Oliver, he was funny and very engaging. I also like the character of Mary, a spunky Irish girl.
If you enjoy murder, history, greed, and love, you will love this story. I think it is easier to read
the rest of the novels in the series first.
Thank you again, EDELWEISS…

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