The Bookshop on the Corner:

Thank you Edelweiss for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
I loved this novel, Nina is a librarian that loses her job, and has to make a decision about her
There is not a reader in the world that hasn’t dreamed of owning their own bookstore. They want to pass the joy of reading to another person. Nina lives her life in books, she reads every single minute she can. She is trying to figure out what to do with her life, and sees an ad for a van and a idea pops into her head. She travels to another part of Scotland and finds a village full of characters and finds her home. She finally feels like she belongs.
Nina decides to buy the van and have a traveling bookstore, she fixes it up and starts to travel and sell books.
I love the authors writing, she made these characters lovable, funny, normal, and full of love and surprises. Nina is such a great character, she is adventuress, funny, ready to take chances.
If you love books, book readers, book sellers, funny, humorous, adventuress people, you are
going to novel.
Thank you Edelweiss, I can’t wait to read more of Jenny Colgan’s novels51ybcfcdnal

“The Whiskey Sea”

51twqsmnclThank you NETGALLEY and LAKE UNION PUBLISHING for the chance to read and give an honest
I enjoyed this novel very much, the writing was good, the story kept me reading, I really
enjoyed getting to know the character’s. I wanted to know what happened to Frieda and her sister Bea, and Sam. I look forward to more novels written by “Ann Howard Creel”.
This is the story of two sisters, Frieda and Bea. The day their mother passes is a whole new
beginning for them. They do not know who their fathers are, their mother was a very loose
woman, they are lucky after she passes, because a kind fisherman takes them both in and treats
them as his daughters.
I love Frieda’s character, she is so strong, and feels that she has very few options, she wants to fish, she feels at home on the water, but Silver sells his boat to Sam, she’s heartbroken. Frieda decides to learn to become a mechanic, to work on boats. This is during the Prohibition time, and Frieda decides to become a rumrunner. She feels this is the only way to take care of her and her sister. She wants a better life for Bea.
Rumrunning is very dangerous, its done in the dark, many things happen to Frieda, she meets and
falls in love. She finds out a lot about herself.
There is some romance, some family drama, some history and adventure, you will enjoy this novel.


Review for “The Book of Beloved”

30316429    Thanks to NETGALLEY for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
I am a big fan of Carolyn Haines, I have read all of her stand alones and all of her Sarah Booth Delaney series. I love her writing style, her southern humor. This is the 1st book in a new series, that I look forward to the next one.
This is the story of a house full of a lot of dirty secrets. Raissa James loses her husband Alex, and decides to visit her Uncle Brett, who owns “Caoin House: in Alabama. This house is definitely haunted, by ghost trying to get the truth out. Raissa is a very sensitive person , she begins to see ghost from people that lived in the house.
There is humor, tons of mystery, quirky characters, murder, greed, ghostly creatures, and a little bit of a love story.
Thanks again goes to NETGALLEY and thanks to Carolyn Haines for her talent

Toby: A Novel

51N5U43sasL._AC_US240_QL65_Thanks to NETGALLEY and LAKE UNION PUBLISHING for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
I loved this book, I love all books about dogs, and I loved “Toby”, he’s a wonderful dog and full of
love and full of surprises.
This is about Symphony and her saving grace, Toby, her one true friend, she suffers from
addiction, it is a day to day struggle for her. Symphony works in a nursing home and is fully
responsible for taking care of her mother, who suffers from multiple personalities. This causes
her so much stress, and Toby is her sounding board for everything she goes though. Every person needs a friend like Toby.
The story is told by Symphony and Toby, which I love, I’ve always wondered what dogs would
say if they could talk. There are great characters in the novel, the author did a great job introducing
everyone in the story, and I cared about them all, I wanted to see happy endings all around.
If you love family drama, family secrets, friendship, love, forgiveness and new beginnings, a love
story, and a book that shows us just what a dog gives us everyday, love, loyalty, acceptance, no judgement, forgiveness and pure joy, you are going to love reading this novel..


I have been trying to blog my reviews on Saturday or Sunday. Some weeks are better than others, I’ve thought about posting blogs about my life, but I really have no life, I work third shift, I work loads of overtime, sometimes sixteen hours a day. This is what makes it hard for me to blog, I am going to get a new phone, and I’m hoping I will be able to blog more frequently, putting more reviews and maybe tidbit’s of my life. I will be trying to  put my reviews on within the next few days, so hopefully you all will be patient with me.


Thanks for listening ad have a great Sunday!