“The Whiskey Sea”

51twqsmnclThank you NETGALLEY and LAKE UNION PUBLISHING for the chance to read and give an honest
I enjoyed this novel very much, the writing was good, the story kept me reading, I really
enjoyed getting to know the character’s. I wanted to know what happened to Frieda and her sister Bea, and Sam. I look forward to more novels written by “Ann Howard Creel”.
This is the story of two sisters, Frieda and Bea. The day their mother passes is a whole new
beginning for them. They do not know who their fathers are, their mother was a very loose
woman, they are lucky after she passes, because a kind fisherman takes them both in and treats
them as his daughters.
I love Frieda’s character, she is so strong, and feels that she has very few options, she wants to fish, she feels at home on the water, but Silver sells his boat to Sam, she’s heartbroken. Frieda decides to learn to become a mechanic, to work on boats. This is during the Prohibition time, and Frieda decides to become a rumrunner. She feels this is the only way to take care of her and her sister. She wants a better life for Bea.
Rumrunning is very dangerous, its done in the dark, many things happen to Frieda, she meets and
falls in love. She finds out a lot about herself.
There is some romance, some family drama, some history and adventure, you will enjoy this novel.


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