Dear Amy:


Thank you to EDELWEISS and HELEN CALLAGHAN for the opportunity to read and give an
honest review.
This is a psychological thriller that I enjoyed very much. The characters were well
developed, as I read more into the novel I felt scared for them. There is evil in this novel.
Margot is a part time advice columnist, called “Dear Amy”. Katie Browne is missing, everyone is convinced she ran away on her own. But many years ago another girl went missing, “Bethann Avery”. She was never to be seen again, what happened to her? Margot, :Dear Amy” begins receiving letters from someone calling herself Bethann, Margot goes to the police for help.
The story is well developed, I liked how the author drew you into the story, you feel fear for these girls, fear for Margot.
I will say that I figured out the mystery before the end, but I loved reading the novel to the very end.
This is a great read, the story had some great twist and turns, if you enjoy mystery, family drama, psychological thrillers, complex characters, complex stories, and new beginnings, you will love reading this novel.

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