Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra:

29095402-_sy180_Thanks to EDELWEISS for the chance to read and review “Only, Daughter by Anna Snoekstra, and give an honest review.
This was a very interesting novel, I like the authors writing style, this is the story of a girl that disappears and another girl that replaces her-the story alternates between the past and the future, each girl telling her own story.
I liked both girls in this novel, and I was scared for them both. Some of the story was a little far fetched, but definitely an interesting plot. The author introduces the characters in a way that makes you care for them. I knew something was wrong with some family members and was very disturbed by some of their actions, but understanding that this was a part of the story, I do understand why the author told the story the way she did, I do not ever enjoy reading or hearing about this type of thing. It really makes me very angry, and hurts my heart, but it is somewhat essential to the telling of the story. I did think the author gave the story a good ending.
So if like family drama, some edge of your seat drama, good writing, shocking scenes, and a somewhat good ending, you will enjoy this novel.

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