The Whole Town’s Talking:

51pvgpaym4l  Thanks to NETGALLEY and FANNIE FLAGG for allowing me to read and give an honest review! I am not going to tell much about this novel, I do not want to ruin it for anyone. This novel has everything, small town living, small business, mail order bride, generations and generations  of family and neighbors, their lives intertwined with each other. This novel touches on all the major points in history, wars, inventions about cars, electric, women’s suffrage, even Bonnie and Clyde,  Its starts in 1900’s to 2020. Every chapter full of captivating people and their stories.

I love all the characters in this novel, marriages, children, busybodies, friends, co workers, love, forgiveness, new beginnings and a very special kind of resting place. It is true that everyone in “Elmwood Springs” ends up talking, the conversations are fantastic, I love how Fannie wrote each character , she made each and everyone of them likeable, I never wanted the stories to end, they were heartwarming, funny, heartbreaking, this novel touched on all of my emotions. I laughed, cried, felt sadness, felt joy, all thought-out the  novel. The ending was surreal, I hated to see the stories end but I knew they had too. This is one of my favorite books of this year, it was a true southern novel.


Thank you, NETGALLEY!



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