The Secret Ingredient of Wishes:

28220957 Thanks to GOODREADS , and SUSAN BISHOP CRISPELL for allowing me to read and review this novel.
This was a wonderful read, imagine you had the power to grant people’s wishes, but you really don’t want the gift. Every time someone has a wish around Rachel Monroe, a little piece of paper with the wish slowly falls into her lap(so to speak), the wishes are granted, some good, some bad.
Imagine you could bake pies that made people keep secrets, this is the power that Catch has, what a gift! These two meet when Rachel runs away from home, runs out of gas, lands in a small town, meets Catch, moves in, starts baking, wishes happen. This is a small town called Nowhere, North Caroline, everyone knows everyone, they share joy, loves, each others business, this is a great place for Rachel.
Things begin to happen for Rachel, she has to come to terms with her gift, she has to learn to trust and accept things she cannot change.
This is full of humor, small town living, baking, friendships, dreams, and new beginnings

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