Review for “Her Every Fear”

51ug37dhxklThanks to EDELWEISS and PETER SWANSON for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
Boy, does the title describe Kate Priddy to a tee. Due to something that happened to her early on in her life, she is pretty much afraid to live her life, scared of meeting people and moving on. When the opportunity comes for her to switch places with a cousin she’s never met, she decides its a great chance for her to get over some of her fears and attend some classes. Little did she know that she was going right into a spider web of murder.
I like the writers writing style, I was hooked right from the beginning, I liked Kate, and all of the secondary characters were just right for the story. This was a great psychological thriller, even though you know who the murderer’s are , you will enjoy how the author takes you there. The author did a great job introducing you to each and every character, he even took you into the killers head, he let you get to know to know them, you may not understand what made them kill, but you will understand pure evil, pure innocent.
This novel has it all, its scary, it a true thriller, you will be on the edge of your seat. Believe me even though you know who the killer is or the killers are, it has some very shocking scenes, I was very happy with the ending. So if you are looking for a psychological thriller, edge of your seat read,  great characters, and a perfect ending, you will love this novel. I will defiantly be reading the other books written by Peter Swanson.


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