Review for “Always”

512rqof8q5lThank you to NETGALLEY and SARAH JIO for allowing me to read and review. This is fourth novel written by Sarah Jio, I have enjoyed them all, especially Blackberry Winter. I like the way the author introduces the reader to her characters, you grow to care about them and what happens to them. The story goes from past to present, present to past.
The story starts with the future, Kailey is engaged to marry Ryan, she has a job she loves, she feels that she has finally moved on from her painful past, that life is good for her, then she runs into a homeless man, and who that homeless man turns out to be will turn her world upside down.
Remember your first love, Kailey and Cade , lighting strikes when they meet each, they fall madly
in love, the attraction is strong and life changing. Cade is everything Kailey wants in a man, he is dedicated to music and to Kailey. Then one day, they argue and he disappears, ten years later, with her life in control, she realizes he is in big trouble. She feels that she has to help him, she cannot let him go. But if she helps Cade, will she lose Ryan, who is so good for her. Follow her story to see what she decides to do.
This is a wonderful love story, no one ever forgets their first love, bad or good, this novel will
remind you of that time. It is full of sadness, some mystery, music, much happiness, forgiveness, new beginnings, but most of all, love, and we all know love is everything.
Thank you NETGALLEY!

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