I See You by Claire Mackintosh:

51o9x9GfKyLThanks to NETGALLEY and CLARE MACKINTOSH for allowing me to read and give an honest
Imagine that you are reading the classified ads, and you see your photo, in a dating
ad. This is what happens to Zoe Walker, she is freaked out, takes it home and shows her family, they think its a look alike. The next day Zoe sees another photo, and then woman begin to be murdered, in cruel bizarre ways.
Zoe begins to feel that someone is following her, things begin to happen at home and at work, she suspects everyone. Her boss, her boyfriend, her daughters new boyfriend, her best friends husband.
This is a page turning-edge of your seat psychological thriller, full of twist and turns, ups and downs. The author did a great job of introducing you to the characters, you become involved in her family. You will feel fear for Zoe and her family, the story is very strong and will keep you guessing.
Usually I figure out the who, when, what, where and why before the end, but OMG this ending completely knocked my socks off. I did not see the ending coming, I was shocked at the ending, it was perfect! This novel has it all, mystery, drama, fear, family drama, love, surprise.

Thanks for being patient with me about getting my reviews posted.

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