From Ant to Eagle: Alex Lyttle

51DvqbIQDFLThanks to Michelle Halket and Alex Lyttle for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
What a great read! I will admit that when I read the synopsis, I was somewhat hesitant to start reading this novel. I really thought it would be a very depressing read, and although the subject matter is heart wrenching, it is so well written, the story just flows and hooks you right into this families drama.
Calvin and Sammy are brothers-they are each others company but Calvin is wanting to
really make some new friends, Calvin meets Aleta and wants to hang out with her instead of  Sammy, so he gives Sammy some challenges, so he can reach another level, on his way to being an”Eagle”. Aleta is trying to get over a painful situation in her own family, so her and Sammy just kind-of hang out , she writes, he reads.
But then one of the brothers gets very sick, and things change drastically in this family, it begins to pull them apart, I imagine that cancer would cause problems in any family, but when it involves a child, that has got to be the worse.
If you love a well written novel, with a loving family, you will love this novel-it has love, loss, friendship, family drama, forgiveness, most of all this is the story of any family in the world that tragedy takes over their everyday life, but are strong enough to survive. This novel tells us that everyone reacts to a devastating disease, illness, hospitals, and death differently.

This novel will make you smile, but it will also make you cry, you will love this read!

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