The Perfect Stranger:

51I7LCRhT6LThanks to NETGALLEY and Megan Miranda for allowing to read and give an honest review. I read “All The Missing Girls ” and loved it! I really enjoy this authors writing.
This is a good suspenseful read-Leah is a journalist in Boston who is on the run from a bad relationship-a restraining order-and a threatened lawsuit. Leah runs into an old friend from college, Emmy, they decide to move away and start over. She gets a job teaching. Emmy works another shift, so they barely see each other.
Things start to happen- a woman is beaten and left for dead, then Emmy disappears and Leah struggles with trying to find her, she meets with the police and begins to work with them to find her.
As Leah begins her search for her friend, she discovers that things are not always what they seem, and people are not always who they appear to be. There are many mysterious surrounding Emmy, but the reporter in Leah will not let it rest. She begins to find Emmy’s deep and dark secrets,
You are drawn into the story from the start-the characters are
multi layered, complicated. These people have messy lives, this is a  suspenseful mystery, well written, unique plot and twist and turns, you will love this novel.

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