Happy People Read & Drink Coffee….


I started this last night and finished it today. It’s not earth shattering, or a thriller, and the subject matter is not humorous, but it is a touching and very tender story. The author did a great job introducing the characters, right away, I felt empathy and pure sadness for Diane. Imagine that you have this wonderful family, a loving husband and a beautiful little girl, then the unthinkable happens, how do you go on?
This is Diane’s story, she tries to recover, but instead she shuts down. She doesn’t go to work, she doesn’t see her family, her husbands family. She locks herself in and doesn’t come out. Then she decides the best thing to do is leave, to try and get control of her life, she feels that she is losing the will to live. She rents a cottage far away from everyone.
Diane does meet her neighbor, a very surly grouchy unhappy man, Edward has demons of his own, they instantly dislike each other, but they are also drawn to each other.There are numerous encounters with each other, a large dog, and extended family. Things begin to make sense to Diane again, she begins to feel, she wants to give life another chance.
This novel has family drama, love, pain, suffering, forgiveness, but most of all this novel is about new beginnings, what happens when a person experiences the worse loss you could imagine. I really was hoping for a tided up ending, but the ending left the reader with a great amount of hope.

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