Wish Me Home: by Kay Bratt

32596916Thanks to NETGALLY and Kay Bratt for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
There’s a dog on the cover, so I already knew that I would love this novel.
Sister’s, Cara and her sister see their mom taken away in a squad, they were told she has died. They were taken into the foster care system, going from one family to another, most of them, really bad. Hana had depression issues, was suicidal. Cara always felt the need to take care of her, then something horrible happens and Cara feels the only answer is to run, and run she does.
Cara’s favorite author is Ernest Hemingway ,so she decides to head to Key West.
She walking, with little money, little provisions, however she runs into a stray, I love that she shares what little bit of food she has with the stray. Cara ends up taking the stray with her, she names him, ” Hemi”, of course the plan is to take him to a rescue, but she falls in love with “Hemi”.
Along her travels, Cara meets some interesting people, she meets people that are really nice, and caring, this is very new to her, she is beginning to wonder if maybe there are nice people. Cara meets Luke, Ava and Tori , they run a rescue in Key West, she gets a job there,  and she can keep Hemi with her.
This is a whole new beginning for her, she is learning to trust, and learning to love. Of course there are many ups and downs, but Cara begins to feel that life is good, she begins to relax, and she feels love. This is all new for her.
This novel is full of love, sadness, family, a huge love of animals, most of all, its all about new beginnings.
Thank you, NETGALLEY.


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