Thanks to ST. Martin’s Press for allowing me to read and give an honest review. I was so excited when I seen this novel in my mail. I read B.A Paris first novel, “Behind Closed Doors” and loved it.
I love this authors writing, she grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. You get to know the characters, and you are so involved in the story, that you can’t stop reading.
This novel goes beyond a cheating husband story, and a best friend story. Cass has no idea what she has stepped into when she sees a broken down car. She drives through the woods on a stormy night, and sees a woman sitting in a car, Cass wonders if she should stop, but its pouring down rain, its in the woods, its late, her husband would be very upset if he found out she drove home taking the short cut. So she drives on home, convincing herself that the woman has probably already called someone and is waiting for them to arrive.
The next day, things begin to fall apart, Cass finds out that the woman in the car was murdered, and Cass knows her. She is ridden with guilt-she should have stopped, but its to late now, right! Cass is already have memory problems and is fearful that she has the illness that her mother has. Then the phone calls begin, things start disappearing, things are moved, she loses her car, she feels that someone is watching her. Cass is so anxious, she feels she on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
WOW! The characters are fantastic, the author does a great job allowing you to get to know them, and you will have mixed feelings, at times it seems things are on the up and up with the husband and best friend, but then you read further and think OH NO HE DIDN’T!
This novel is full of great characters, a great story, suspense, a true psychological thriller with a great ending.
I can’t wait to read her next novel. Thank you, B.A. Paris and St. Martins Press.



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