Murder in Mayfair by D.M.Quincy

32202639This was a GOODREADS win for me, so thanks to GOODREADS and D.M. Quincy for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
This was a perfect afternoon read, the writing is good, the author does a great job introducing you to all the characters, the author also gets you involved with the mystery.
Atlas Catesby buys Lillian from her husband, he is selling her right in the streets, Atlas is
appalled-how can a man treat his wife this way.
Atlas is an adventurer, he loves to travel, have adventures, he is a solitary man, he is also a lover of puzzles and mysteries. He takes Lillian to stay with his sister, then her husband is murdered, then they all find out that the husband was not such a nice person.

The mystery is on: who murdered Lillian’s husband, what’s going to happen to Lillian and her children? So many questions, so many people involved, who done it? This is a great cozy, the time period is perfect, great characters, great story, I am looking forward to next book in the series.

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