Thanks to NETGALLEY for allowing me to read and give an honest review. I enjoyed this novel very much, I like the authors writing style, she did a great job introducing you to the characters, letting you know parts of the background story, and still keeping you in suspense.
WOW! Quincy, Sam and Lisa all have something in common-they are all the survivors of a horrific crime. The girls never met each other, but they knew about each other. They are all trying to deal with what happened to them, each in their own way.
Quincy has started a new life-she’s a cooking blogger, with a boyfriend, Lisa wrote a book about her experiences. Sam just decided to disappear from society and live as an unknown. Even though the author tells each ones story, I think most of the story is about Quincy, I felt huge amounts of pain and symphony for her, I felt her fear. She has basically blocked what happened, that’s the only way she feels she can survive.
Sam shows up at Quincy’s door, and sort of moves right in, weird things start to happen, Sam tells Quincy what happened to her, and Quincy has a total meltdown, doing some horrible things. Lisa is found dead, Sam is really not a good influence on Quincy, but Quincy does slowly begin to remember things. She begins to doubt Sam’s story and begins to investigate.
Coop is a detective that was one of the first to the crime scene at Pine Cottage. He has become a big part of Quincy’s life, and always checks on her, he has her back. The police blame Joe Hannen, a man that just showed out of the blue at the cabin Quincy and her friends were at. Little did they know Joe had been released from a mental institution, of course he’s the killer. It’s obvious isn’t it? Or is it? Who did this horrible crime, why would Lisa commit suicide? These are questions you will be asking yourself, you are in for a big surprise.
My words to describe are: suspenseful, grim, gritty, terror, spine-chilling, traumatic.
I can’t wait to read the authors next novel.



The Story of Arthur Truluv ……

51Wj-94dQIL._AC_US327_QL65_Thanks to NETGALLEY and RANDOM HOUSE for allowing me to read and review this wonderful
novel. Elizabeth Berg is one of my all time favorite authors, I love her writing style, the details,
the stories, and the characters, they are down to earth lovable people with real life issues.
This story is about a lonely man and a lonely teenager. Arthur’s wife passed away, so he walks to the cemetery every day and has lunch with her and talks to her, as he passes the other graves, he gets feelings that he knows what happened to the people in them.
Maddy is a lonely teenager whose mother passes away, and due to her fathers own grief, he doesn’t know how to help her through her grief. Maddy goes to the cemetery to be alone and think, she meets Arthur at the cemetery and they start out with just a few words, then more and they become fast friends, Arthur invites Maddy back to his house. Arthur finds out that Maddy is pregnant by her one and only boyfriend, who has no interest in being a father, she wants to keep the baby, and have someone to love and love her.
So she ask Arthur if she can move in with him and be roommates, she’ll cook and clean. In the meantime, they become family, Arthur taking care of Maddy, and Maddy taking care of Arthur. They
find out that you don’t have to be blood related to love and care for someone.
Lucille is a neighbor of Arthurs and sent him cookies , food, she’ s so lonely, she ends up moving in with Arthur and Maddy, then they really are a family. I loved these characters, Arthur is everyone’ s dream of a grandfather, Maddy is a good kid, she’s just had a few rough years and Lucille is a woman with loads of love to give.
One of favorite lines in the novel is “Arthur telling the bus driver to be careful, he has precious
cargo ” meaning Maddy, I always think this when I have my grandkids in the car with me, Precious Cargo….that’s what they are to me.
This novel is wonderful, it addresses many issues, the loneliness of the elderly, the challenges of
a teenagers life, friendship of all the ages, devastating loss, forgiveness, you can be family without
being blood related. That love and acceptance is something everyone wants and deserves. That relationships are not always black and white , that we are all multi-layered. Lucille and Maddy and Arthur will stay with me a long time.
My words to describe this novel are: bittersweet, well-written, reflective, heartfelt, moving, uplifting, engaging, and heartwarming .

Emma In The Night by Wendy Walker:

33574211Β Β Β Β Β  Thanks to NETGALLEY for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
I was excited to get to read this novel, I really enjoy this authors writing style, she introduces the characters in a way that you get to know them, she gets you involved in the story. This is the story of two sisters, Cass and Emma, the family dynamics in this family are not anything I would want my family to be. The mom is self-absorbed, somewhat selfish, narcissistic, the father is a backwards, no
backbone father.
Other characters in the novel, Dr . Abby (forensic psychologist), Leo Strauss-special agent. They both have traumatic past, the author did a great job telling their stories.
Cass and Emma disappear one night-one sister returns, she’s alone , where has she been, how’d she get back, where is her sister, who took them, what happened to them, where is Emma? As Cass tells her tale, you begin to think, something is not right with this story.
The words I would to describe this novel are: chilling, page turner, suspenseful, frightening.