Emma In The Night by Wendy Walker:

33574211      Thanks to NETGALLEY for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
I was excited to get to read this novel, I really enjoy this authors writing style, she introduces the characters in a way that you get to know them, she gets you involved in the story. This is the story of two sisters, Cass and Emma, the family dynamics in this family are not anything I would want my family to be. The mom is self-absorbed, somewhat selfish, narcissistic, the father is a backwards, no
backbone father.
Other characters in the novel, Dr . Abby (forensic psychologist), Leo Strauss-special agent. They both have traumatic past, the author did a great job telling their stories.
Cass and Emma disappear one night-one sister returns, she’s alone , where has she been, how’d she get back, where is her sister, who took them, what happened to them, where is Emma? As Cass tells her tale, you begin to think, something is not right with this story.
The words I would to describe this novel are: chilling, page turner, suspenseful, frightening.

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